Madagascar is so different from all places in the world that I have been. It is wild, friendly and unique all at the same time. You can swin in a chilling mythic vulcano lake, watch the fantastic baobab, enjoy tranquile Ile saint Marie or busy Tana, fun in Mahajanga and walk throgh a ricefield in the mid-land of Madagascar. Everything from laying on a remote paradise beach all by yourself or get lost in the busy, busy capital. See the wildness of the dissapearing rainforrest, playful lemurs, cute chamelions, If you are very lucky like us you can see the an endangered fossa in their natural habitat.

There is no McDonals or other westernized chain brands – and it it a wonderful ting! The food is interesting from a scandinavian point of view; with rice, cassava, seafood, zebu, onions, chicken mixed with the French cuisine. Three Horses Beer and local rum is an adventure in its self. When you travel here, smile and remember to be respectful like Malagasy people.The animal life, the nature and the wonderful people – Madagascar is simply unique. ”

Elin A. Rotherud ( Norway )