Being conscious of the importance of teaching its people, for half a century, Madagascar has been looking for solutions to improve its educational system.

Teaching in Madagascar has been based on repetitions for a long time. Is it a good way to develop students’ ability to understand and to think? As we noticed, creativity is not really encouraged, most pupils lack enthusiasm when participating or answering questions. Besides, they just get knowledge from teachers passively and with no greed

Creativity and initiative are at the core of Madagascar education.  That is one of the reasons why this country keeps on being impoverished.

In the great island, the highest schooling percentage reaches about 85%, but just located in one region. Only 4% of schooled kids finish high school level. Poverty is part of the reasons but parents and children do lack envy. Moreover, parents convinced that there is no worth having this kind of methods based on repetition in their daily life, so that they give up sending their children to school.

Aina Madagascar tries to find remedy in that situation. Since 2008, we have financed 14 children of Beravina village located about 6.5 miles away from Analamahitsy (Antananarivo), thanks to their regular donors. Villager’s family could not afford enough money to reach their basic needs; consequently, children should be in charge. In order to give opportunity to all kids from the village, we are building a community school, the work is in progress. A Socio-cultural center will be ready at the same time as the school will open its doors, where self learning books, records, and internet will be available.

This school will benefit a new way of learning methods that will upgrade children’s knowledge and improve their background. Their attitude must have been developed; As far as we are concerned, it’s one of the processes of the development. Aina Madagascar’s friends, the former and future travelers take part in the school construction, thanks to their handing out. Together, we can take action now, we feel honored to give when one asked, but it’s much greater to give unasked through understanding.

“When we dream alone it is only a dream, but when many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality”