Dearest Aina Madagascar friends


We have already been in the start of school year in our life as pupils, students, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers …We all remember those moments. Each first day of the school is an opportunity to bring change, and new optimism for the school year.

Beravina villagers, Children from Beravina, Aina Madagascar travelers and friends all around the world who take part in the project “Aina Madagascar Beravina community school” share that moment on Monday 17 September 2012.

Aina Madagascar will be extremely pleased through this report to inform you how the school year 2011-2012 was, the result and impact of the project to the Beravina children and our visions for this new school year 2012-2013.

Aims of community school of Beravina

We should remain that 2011, Beravina villagers, Aina Madagascar team, Aina Madagascar travelers, Aina Madagascar friends all around the world decided to work hands in hands to build not only a primary school infrastructure but also give a new hope and future to the poorest Malagasy children thanks to the Education.

The school that we build  is a non-governmental and secular school, free access for all poorest children from Beravina village located in an isolated area in the north of Antananarivo. Curriculum elements often focus on creativity, improving children self-esteem, fostering growth of individuality and enhancing social skills. Beravina community school is more flexible in its organization and administration, which allows for more variety in educational programs.

The year 2011, the school received 65 children from Beravina village.


The school year 2011-2012

The school year for Beravina students, teachers, villagers, has not been too much affected by two tough cyclones on February 2012. Aina Madagascar team, Aina Madagascar travelers, Aina Madagascar friends all around the world have had school supply drives to help replenish the schools  equipment. We all overcome this tough challenge as the word “Fihavanana” described (word encompassing the Malagasyconcept of kinship, friendship, goodwill between beings, belief that we are all one blood and that how we treat others will eventually be reflected back to us)

On the other hand Villagers from Beravina keep on encouraging their children to get to school, they trust in our new way of managing the community school in alternative way. They strongly believe that this will bring change to Beravina children destiny and improve their future.

Image  In that way, Aina Madagascar swears this high  level objective will be reached. And we will never deceive Beravina villagers, Beravina children, Aina Madagascar friends who share our vision. We have to notice that on 2011 we received 65 Children and many of them had never been in school before and diverse background. So the year 2011-2012 was made to make the kids at the same level, teach them how to write, read, and understand. Due to our expectation and to get high level, only 25% of them pass to the next grade, this is not a failure but to prepare them properly.

Beravina children must improve their reading comprehension, writing, grammar in Malagasy, French and English. Basic rules of Mathematics are almost good, social behavior, hygiene needs more attention.

Grades Students Failed Succeed
First Grade 25 14 11
Second Grade 16 14 02
Third Grade 10 07 03
Fourth Grade 14 14 00
Total 65 49 16


The school year 2012-2013Image

At first sight, it seems that 2011-2012 was a total failure with the cyclone and the result with 25% who succeed. We have to notice that that was our first year and most of the children have never attended school before .It is obvious then that result was normal for the first year of our community school.

We have set the level high and that what we need to reach improvement and growing. Despite of the sad events happened in Madagascar 2011-2012 (Cyclone, political turmoil …) Beravina children keep on going, stay motivated and never think of giving up studying.

We were, are and always will be dedicated to bring out the best to the Beravina children, the dark side of 2011 is over, this new school year 2012-2013 comes hope, optimism, excitement and the promise of growth and accomplishment.


Our teachers are reinforced with more training. We acquire new equipment from our friends around the world to Beravina children. Schedules become flexible, practice are increased. We willensure that all pupils successfully complete and understand every course with an aligned and articulated curriculum, we will eliminate gaps in student achievement, We will provide challenging learning experiences for every student every day thanks to effective instructional practices; strong instructional leadership and caring


The school year start anew, one thing that remains unchanged is our commitment Beravina Village, which keeps us focused on why we are here and what we’re all about: “Inspire, teach, and empower Beravina children for their future”.




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