Education systems in remote and rural communities of Madagascar have suffered from changing government priorities over time. It was observed in 1980s that school was qualified as means for citizen brainwashing. However improvement was made in 2000s (after 20 years) both in access and quality of formal education. Unfortunately, the political crisis in Madagascar in 2009 affected recession to the progress that had been made. As a result, a vast majority of poorer population has a tiny choice to send their children in disadvantaged public school. And most of parents do not trust the benefits of education and prefer to put their kids to work in the rice fields for agriculture tasks.

Aina Madagascar shares the ideas of “Millennium Goals” including the “Education for all” and decides to focus their solidarity projects on that way. From 2008 to 2010, we gave scholarship to 14 children from Beravina to a private school in the north of Antananarivo (Fees, school catering, equipment are sponsored by Aina Madagascar).

01Since 2011, we would like to go beyond our hope and has made a challenge to build a community school not only for the 14 children but also for all Kids from Beravina and its surroundings. It is a non-traditional school with a different curriculum and methods from the formal one.


The main goal is to achieve widespread primary education for all Beravina children for free and without financial charge from parents, with high standards level in quality and efficiency as well as stimulate creativity, analysis in that case give the Beravina kids to believe again in their dreams and make them into reality.

The school building started in March 2011. For 09 months of building the school opened its doors in October 2011.

They received 65 children for 04 grades in elementary level: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade.


School resolutions:

*100 children each year
*Opening a library room: Reading room, where kids can study and reinforce their knowledge when they go to college and high school
*Make the electricity available to the school: Use of computer, Internet, IT, Lab work …
*Upgrade the level of the kids: reading comprehension, practice …
*Use of creativity in practical way
*Open the mind of the kids to new world, thinking outside the box


The Aina Madagascar team