Dear “Aina Madagascar” friends,

…Without a doubt, we are now the result from years of hardworking, efforts, made together with the brave children of Beravina, villagers, the AINA MADAGASCAR team, the AINA MADAGASCAR travelers, the AINA MADAGASCAR friends all around the world, and our generous donors. All of us, we have made the school year 2012-2013 a success…

Madagascar actually


A political crisis has started in Madagascar since 2009. As a consequence, bad effects have occurred to the Malagasy population. The economy has suffered, the World Bank reported that more than 92 % of Malagasy population is living under $ 2 a day, that makes Madagascar one of the poorest countries in the world, and unfortunately, Beravina village can’t be spared. Apparently, Madagascar will not be able to reach the most of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by 2015.

Beravina School year 2012-2013

Despite the challenges to overcome and the political turmoil that Madagascar has to face, we acknowledge the Beravina children’s motivation and their attitudes.  We remind you that only 25% of pupils succeeded last year but now we are so proud to announce that 83, 07% of them pass to the next grade

School year result 2012-2013







1st Grade





2nd Grade





3rd Grade





4th Grade











rate %


09 ,23%




The Beravina pupils 2012-2013

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We are so amazed by the Beravina children’s mental toughness. Malagasy people have to face tough due to the political uproar. However, we noticed Beravina children understand that only two choices are available. On one hand, they can hide from that harsh conditions, by wallowing in sorrow and cloud their mind as quitting is the simple solution to ignore those challenges or on the other hand, they can step up and make the commitment to change even if at the first time things don’t look easy. And the 83% of them have taken the second option.

The next school year 2013-2014

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For the third year of Beravina School, we would like to maintain their level and always seek for improvement.

A new classroom will be opened for the 5th grade. Teachers training will be reinforced, practices will be intensified. We will emphasize on responsible leadership, community service, creativity, analysis sprit. We have decided that practices and homework should be done at school; we noticed that children prefer to study at school even if they have to stay late than getting home soon.


Reading will be a must in three languages: Malagasy, French and English. We will give access to our pupils, books, text, and they have to report what they have read periodically. We focus on community involvement such as Beravina villagers, Teachers, the AINA MADAGASCAR team, AINA MADAGASCAR travelers. Supply of materials should be maintained through our travelers and friends all around the world. We will work with Beravina villagers to identify the adversities to education for their children. And finally, girls should be encouraged to join the school.

Beravina Community School 2012-2013

The Beravina community school is managed by AINA MADAGASCAR and the Beravina villagers. The school construction and its managing are not possible without the solidarity contributions from our solidarity trips, donations and support from our friends all around the world.

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Due to the political skirmish in Madagascar and the current global financial crisis, the number of our travelers is in decline so as a consequence Aina Madagascar has a little trouble to finance the school functioning and to cover the school operating costs. However, Beravina villagers and the AINA MADAGASCAR team feel acknowledge for those who contribute, give us support and interest. All of their commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to make that school year 2012-2013 with success. They were so appreciated and their generosity will make an immediate difference to improve the basic education of Beravina children.

Let’s take part in Beravina Community School

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Beravina community school is built by AINA MADAGASCAR; it is a non-traditional school with a different curriculum and methods from the formal one. The main goal is to achieve widespread primary education for free, with high standards level in quality and efficiency as well as stimulate creativity, in that case give the Beravina kids to believe again in their dreams and make them into reality. In the school year 2012-2013, 65 children attended the school for free. Positive impacts are obvious, increase of attending students each year, and improvement of children’s level literacy, mathematics, Madagascar and worldwide History & geography, Science, Art …

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For the next school year 2013-2014, a new classroom will be opened for the 5th grade. We will be able to add more 20 Students making 85 pupils in total. Many ways to take part and get involved are possible: Traveling and discovering the Great Island with AINA MADAGASCAR, volunteering program, and finally, for those who share out our values, ideas and goals although cannot travel to Madagascar and want to act and contribute morally or financially to AINA MADAGASCAR’s solidarity projects.


“Inspire, teach, and empower Beravina children for their future”. That is our vision; actually, Madagascar is at its dark side of its History, as a saying reported: “The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming”. Despite the recession and trouble Madagascar has got actually, our project stands firm in the face of adversities. Hardships and tough times are part of life. Since we have started our project, the Beravina villagers, the AINA MADAGASCAR team, the AINA MADAGASCAR travelers and the AINA MADAGASCAR friends all around the world have agreed that in spite of diversities we have all come together as one and working on contributing universal primary education. Altogether, we would like to make our solidarity trips with AINA MADAGASCAR a way where all of us can act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood in order to get rewards of joy and meaning.

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