Beravina Community School October 2014

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Dear Aina Madagascar ‘s Friends

“Here we are again at the beginning of the new school year 2014 – 2015. First foremost we would like to express our thanks for your unconditional support and devotion in order to overcome all odds, challenges since the start of Beravina Community School in 2011.”

We would like to mention also thanks to our teachers, villagers and children from Beravina who are always motivated and dedicated to our common goals.

We remind that Beravina Community School has been defined a place where free thinking, equality, fairness and secularism are the core values. Those will make them tomorrow’s citizens with critical thinking and creativity and rise above the challenges of our society to give practical solutions to their everyday life shortcomings.

How was the year school 2013 – 2014 look like?

Everyone knows that last school year was tough: Socioeconomic pressures, mismanagements from the public administration, climatic disturbances (droughts, floods, Cyclone…) and insect invasions (locust)

Despite all those facts, the outcome of the school year 2013 – 2014 was encouraging:

  • Improvement at the proficient level of Children comparing to the last two years
  • A significant increase in the number of children attending school.
  • Low school drop outs
  • And for the first time all our 09 students from 5th grade succeed their official exam. With their first official diploma ( CEPE, Primary School Certificate), they have finished their learning at Beravina Community school and keep on studying to the secondary schools located 45 minutes from Bravina village.

Outlook for 2014 – 2015

Alternative and customized curriculum

Aina Madagascar will maintain its alternative education, which does not conform to a conventional standard in order that our curriculum will meet the needs of Beravina village and Madagascar.

We noticed last year, some reasons to explain the failure of some students; those who were sitting at the back of the rooms, those who were shy and those who were suffering from malnutrition. This year, we are going to adapt and customize our educational approach and methodology

Each teacher has received annual training, and goals that they have to achieve in each class. Those aims will be controlled weekly by Aina Madagascar. A data base will be collected to check out the result and performance of the kids, it doesn’t mean that they have to compete and run after the good grades, but a mean to find out their strengths and weakness and identify the factors blocking their improvements

                Reading, reading, reading

Reading French & Malagasy will be a must. Each class from 3th, 4th and 5th grade must read at least one book each trimester, any opportunity for them to practice the reading comprehension, Grammar use, and vocabulary. Basic English will be taught by our English speaker volunteers

In addition, if the school electrification succeeded, we would like to launch the computer-based learning. The use of informatics through the education software, word and excel will be an efficient means to wake up the curiosity of the kids. The desire to manipulate computer will be a motivation for them to attend school.


Negotiations are underway with a gardener in Beravina who owns a vast area and might initiate kids into gardening

                School canteen project

To alleviate chronic malnutrition among children, we are working out together with Beravina villagers to set up a school canteen.

Since 2011, Beravina villagers have been agreed to collect fund and save it to finance one day a common project that improve their kids education.
So in this school year 2014-2015, parents would like to take part financially to that school canteen in order to eat properly as well as continue their education. The school canteen project will stimulate enrolment, will ensure student attendance and will reduce dropout and malnutrition.

We certainly let you know how that project will evolve and of course your suggestions and remarks are always welcome.

Children education is fundamental for all society. And in the ideal world, primary education would be universal for free and financed by public administration. An adult person who did not receive basic education during his childhood will face difficulties to find his place in modern society nowadays. An educated woman will have more choice in her life.

Beravina students this year 2014 – 2015


Level Boys Girls Total each level
1st grade 12 14 26
2nd grade 07 05 12
3rd grade 09 12 21
4th grade 10 11 21
5th grade 07 03 10
Total 45 45 90

Beravina villagers,Aina Madagascar team and our friends all over the world have been always working hand in hand since the creation of the Beravina Community School.

“A dream” that was the beginning of our adventure and we believed it. We are at the dawn of achieving that dream, it takes shape and materializes step by step, we strongly believe, that their turn also, Beravina kids will have opportunity to realize their dream, because deep down, we are all big dreamers that we are looking forward to running after it