Solidarity Tourism

On 2009, political tensions escalated in Madagascar, riots and demonstrations were occurred, intensified by pressure from mutinous soldiers and crowds of protestors. That political turmoil has strained Tourism and relations between World Communities and Madagascar.

However, Aina Madagascar has done their best as they could to overcome that tough period, Strategies have been made focusing on promoting solidarity trips, assuring travelers that 2010 was safer and differed from 2009. Aina Madagascar host families members and villagers have been promised that this period was not permanent and surely calm would get back.

Volunteers from Tourism University gave us help and precious advice by rearranging our multimedia tools (Website, facebook, blogs …) our networks composed by former travelers and other non-profit organization abroad lend us hands by giving us opportunities to explain the case of Madagascar and our activities, aims and ethics.

As a result, this year slowly but surely travelers have started getting back in Madagascar. They have shared wonderful moments with villagers and host families, projects have been maintained.


Fair trade

Due to its partnership with an organization based at Dijon France (Association Zoma). Aina Madagascar can extend its craftsmen network that really in need, talented but lack of foreign markets. These craftsmen are among the slum area of Antananarivo (Anosibe, 67ha …), handicapped women and isolated villages in Ambalavao and Ambositra.

The year 2010 has been an opportunity to export one container of Malagasy handicrafts to Dijon France. A positive experience for Aina Madagascar because it gave us ways to learn more about exporting procedures, means to make known our projects to the buyers in France and precious help to our Malagasy craftsmen completely paralyzed by political upheaval in Madagascar since 2009.


Education in Beravina and Ankarefo

Travelers’ intervention in Ankarefo has been maintained, despite the few numbers of our travelers spent time over there, kids was able to keep their good level; good results have been noticed on the official exam, the school extension is already finished.

Our former travelers and a non-profit organization in France ( Aina France) built a network to be sponsors and regular donors to the 14 kids from Beravina. Since 2008, those children belong the poorest families have been acquiring primary education level to the “condorcet”, located at Sabotsy Namehana in the north of Antananarivo; School fees, school stationary, school catering are sponsored.


Solidarity trips and fair trade promotion

The actual situation in Madagascar with its political turmoil obviously makes the promotion of this wonderful island a tough task. Working with association zoma with the handicrafts is a way to promote our activities; our former travelers that feel grateful to share moment with us have made precious words of mouths, we hope that those means can make a kind of counter part of the International Medias that only broadcast the dark side of Madagascar actually