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“We have shared the experience of Community school in the village of Beravina since 2011 to give free access to the Children belong to the poorest families from that village”

We are always delightful to share this report to you. The new school year started last 15 October 2013. We always remember the first day of school year. The pleasure to meet again our classmates, discovery, apprehension, memories, and that what the 79 children from Beravina and its surroundings with the “AINA MADAGASCAR”  team and our volunteers had during the first day of school year 2013-2014

2013-10-15 10.54.11 (1024x719) The first period of the new school year was an opportunity for “AINA MADAGASCAR” to remind Beravina villagers that our community school has been and will keep focusing its main goals, a place where equality, fairness and secularism are the core values. These will shape the critical thinking of the Beravina children in that way to make them tomorrow’s citizens and be able to deal with the challenges of our society and find solutions to their everyday life shortcomings

5th grade level & Library:
For this new year, 5th grade level has been launched. The goal is to prepare our students for admission to college that is to say the 6th grade as far as the Malagasy education system is concerned. We all know how important this project is for all of us because the primary school (First grade to Fifth grade) is the basic education for a child

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We are grateful to all of those who share our values, vision and goals in addition for those who contribute financially to make this project come true, On one hand, we have a new classroom now for the 5th grade, pupils have got a comfortable, convivial, bright place to learn, and on the other hand, teachers have place to work better and lighten the number of students per class.

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We are convinced that a better place will motivate not only students but also our teachers, open their mind to improve their result and give a positive impact to their learning process.  The library is in progress and we are sure that it must be opened to students next January 2014.


School year 2013-2014

This year we have 79 students.



1st grade


2nd grade


3rd grade


4th grade


5th grade





We would like to mention however that few families in Beravina village had not renewed their registration at school (they are seven children), some of them due to moving to another villages and others they don’t want to get back at school. For those who did not decide to send their children at our school spread rumor that Beravina community school would closed its doors and we are run out of teachers.

Thanks to visits to those people and a meeting between the villagers and the “AINA MADAGASCAR”   team, it was clarified that it was only rumor. We assured Beravina villagers that Beravina community school remained open and the access was and would always be free for the poorest families.  We had even renewed our teachers to give a better education level.

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Afterward, the numbers of students increase, not only from Beravina but also from other surrounding villages. Last year we had 65 students and nowadays, we got 79 Children to attend our school

This success cannot be achieved without all of us; together we believe in our common project and make it happen.

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To conclude, Beravina Community School opens its door to 79 children from different background. Their way to acquire skills and knowledge must be tough and they will have to overcome many obstacles. That will make our tasks challenging but also make our project worthwhile



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