The year 2008, Aina France an organization based in France had an idea to give sponsorship to 14 kids from Beravina village, they were from poor families. This action is to improve their life condition and get them chance to get better elementary education. The joined them a school located to  Sabotsy Namehana, town close the village. The school is called “Lycée Condorcet”

Since 2008, Aina Organization have been collected funds and people who would like to be a sponsor letting those 14 kids to get equipments, fees, school catering

Surveys let us to conclude that the levels of those 14 kids are improving. Their teachers, parents are impressed. However, we realize on one hand that action should have been in sustainable not temporary, and on the second hand some members from Aina France organization were not disposal anymore. Besides, the number of kids from the village would like to get access to the education is not balanced to the number of the people who would like to sponsor.

After consulting Beravina villagers, building an elementary school is the right solution to give the kids the same chance not privileged only 14. This would be a way to improve the development of the village.

As far as Aina Madagascar is concerned, this is our contribution to reach the “Millennium development goal” the Universal education

If you were interested in how this elementary school will be build and how we manage it, feel free to contact us