• Establish a solidarity Tourism travel network for Madagascar

• Identify host families

• Match the travelers interested in solidarity trips

• Introduce the travelers who visit Madagascar with Malagasy community with similar interests

• Give the travelers the opportunity to experience Malagasy life, culture, values

AINA Madagascar has a pool of host families in different areas of Madagascar who would be willing to host travelers.

AINA Madagascar will arrange a host family environment where traveler can learn about Malagasy culture, their way of living and share them their daily meals. The solidarity trips are meant to give travelers a first-hand experience of the culture and heritage of Madagascar.

For those dreaming of traveling to Madagascar, for those who would like to experience the Malagasy way of life – learn percussion, go for fishing with the locals, go to the rice field, and experience the warmth of an Malagasy home, sharing everyday life in a Malagasy way and philosophy, Aina Madagascar is the link where you can search for trips