Not only is our trip an opportunity to be in touch with Malagasy people but also share their everyday life in order to live and travel all around the island through our family hosts and with our escorted guide.

The travelers can be alone or with friends during their stay. In addition, they can share the road trip and program with the other Aina Madagascar travelers’ if they want to.

The trip is really flexible, travelers can choose the date, the days, the road trip, the itineraries and be able to get their personal needs outside the usual tourism (volunteer stays, Works, Study, solidarity activities, …) other services can be chosen during their stays such as Hotels, restaurants, car hiring, National park visit, …

The trip will not be a pre-defined package but a personal trip made by the travelers with the suggestion of Aina Madagascar stuff. In order to well prepared the stays, travelers should contact in advance the Aina Madagascar stuff by email to

We would like you to get to know our “Charter of travelers” and read all the articles. The future travelers are able to be in touch to the previous ones in that way, they get some feedback and testimony from them.

Tailor made trips

This is an ideal option for a couple or small group who would like to make their own trip according to their needs. This is the best choice for people with special interest or who like things to run as smoothly as possible. You will be the decision maker and will choose where you want to go and your preferred level of comfort.

Discovering trips

To the group of people not exceeding 06 people that would like only use our family hosts and discovering the beauty of Madagascar. However they have to make their first part of the trip in our villages “Ankarefo” or “Beravina”, involving in a solidarity project and then going on their road trip.

Group travel trips

Not exceeding 06 people, ideal for single people who do not wish to travel alone. You will see a great deal of the country and the activities of Aina Madagascar and generally have a great time without the need to make decisions..

Volunteering Group
This kind of trip is addressed to a group not exceeding of 06 people (Scouts, NGO, Students, Workmate …) to involve in our solidarity project such as education, health, nutrition or other skills that have a link into solidarity and community projects. Aina Madagascar can manage that kind of group twice a year.

Volunteering stay

If travelers are planning, not only to travel to Madagascar but are willing to volunteer with local projects during their stay, Aina Madagascar would be happy to receive their help and expertise during the number of days they decide.

During their volunteer holidays they will be hosted by the local organizations.

We need people with ideas and initiative who will help us to set different host family itineraries. Give us feedback on the tour possibilities and giving us articles and graphic support on the onsite organizations.